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Turn WordPress Into a Powerful Review Site Engine

WP Review Site turns WordPress into a powerful review site engine, allowing you to easily create user-powered review sites on virtually anything – review products, services, websites, restaurants, hotels, credit cards, beer! Use it to run a complete affiliate review site, or add star ratings to your existing website or blog.

What website does a customer turn to, wallet in hand, before they make a purchase? They look for reviews, searching for validation of their choice. If your site provides those reviews, you earn the commissions. This is the simple secret of the super affiliates that rake in thousands of dollars a month.

Our own review site, Award Winning Hosts has pulled in thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions just by letting people review their web hosting companies. Each time someone clicks a link to a host reviewed on the site and signs up, we get paid $100, $150 or more! And search engines love user reviews – just think about how many top results Amazon.com has with all the product reviews they've collected.

WP Review Site is flexible enough to power complete affiliate review sites, or to add star ratings to any existing WordPress-powered website, using any theme. Just take a look at some of the sites our users have created with WP Review Site in the Customer Gallery. Then take a look at WP Review Site Features to explore all the abilities this package will add to your website.

WP Review Site, formerly "WP DG Review Site", has already been downloaded hundreds of times, and powers many successful user-powered review sites. But the all-new version 3.0 has just been released, making it easier to use, and more powerful than ever.

Ready to start making money? You can proceed directly to the Buy Now page to purchase the plugin and all the extras it comes with. Or, you can read more about everything this package will add to your WordPress-powered site.

Plus, our new version 3.0 includes bonus affiliate marketing tools! These are the same abilities you'd have to pay $67 for elsewhere, adding affiliate link management to your WordPress administration panels. Specify an affiliate link for each post, an optional post image/icon, automatically add Google Maps and more.

Instantly download your copy of WP Review Site, with a complete premium WordPress theme and bonus affiliate marketing tools, for just one payment of $97. It'll pay for itself with your first commission!