How Do News And Media Companies Utilize Social Media?

It is not new to know that the majority of the Americans are not reading the newspaper or watching the evening headlines and news. Rather than depending on the paper for getting details of the local happenings as well as the latest sports scores and current affairs worldwide, people are depending on Twitter and Facebook.

As per a recent study, more than 57% of the US adults are getting the required news from social media, which was an increase from the last year. Also, three-in-ten (which is around 28%) get their news from social media which is 20% more than in 2018.

Media Companies & Their Dependence On Social Media

Many of the media companies are posting five times more on social media and this has helped them to get seven times more interaction compared to other industries. However, still, there are various publishers who are not harnessing the entire potential that social media has in terms of audiences.

news via social media statistical chart

The best part is media companies have a huge advantage compared to other brands on social media as there are tons of content to post and even display. If you check on an average, about 5x more content are posted by media companies on Twitter and Facebook compared to brands through 50 other industries.

Also, they get a good amount of engagement, which is up to 7x more of interaction on Facebook too. Now if you are measuring in isolation, you won’t get the best results on social media. The majority of media brands can get an outsized proportion of social media interactions. So, it means that stakes are high and even the competition is very much fierce. It is important to improve as well as increase the website visits right from social, benchmarking and competitive analysis.

Is Social Media Only For News And Media Companies?

If you check for all media brands right from the worldwide multimedia networks to the small online publishers, the key to loyal fan base is to use social media. Also, if your goal is to bring traffic to your website and that too using social media, then it is important you publish the right content at the right time and the right platforms. Here the basic fact is that social engagement will bring in more visitors to your website. There is plenty of space in this marketing and distribution channel. Social media users will likely have feeds containingeverything from New York Times technology news and tabloids to dating and adult content. An average user could see an escort reviews post from a site like next to dating advice from an adult dating app only to scroll to a post about a celebrity couple.

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Here it is all about reach, engagement, website visit followed by conversion. Now post engagement is more significant than before as it is the major metric based on which other metrics depend upon, correlate with and even drive. In addition, the more engaging a piece will be the more content it will have, and the more impression t will provide. So, as the reach increases, there would be an increase in interaction too and new opportunities will emerge.

An important thing to note down is that the fortunes of social media websites will fall and rise in the Facebook news feed. Studies conducted show that 64% of US adults are hooked up on Facebook and half of them get the regular news from there, which amounts to 30% of the general population.

Frankly, this is an extraordinary development and it will surely affect and bring change in the manner people use news or media content or journalism. It is important for media firms to take heed in terms of their revenue as its increase is based on it.

  • Performance Of US Media On Twitter & Facebook

For understanding how the media firms can easily maximize their potential on social media, a research was done in which the performance of more than 500 US media firms and more than 3,600 brands were checked to view on how they can perform on Twitter and Facebook.

Now in this research in the month of January, media companies published an average of 7 times more content compared to brands monthly. Also, it saw a huge amount of interactions too. Slowly in the month of December, it increased to an average of 9x more than the brands.

It is important for media companies to be aware that people are exposed to various kinds of content on Facebook, and nearly half of the Facebook users are exposed to various kinds of news.

So, Are Media & News Companies Gaining A Lot From Social Media?

It is not surprising to know that media companies will blow brands out of the water with regard to the engagement and even the interactions that bring website traffic. It is important to increase traffic for existence.
Also, media publishers and news outlets end up charging more for ads and there is a huge possibility that this can be converted into potential consumers in terms of subscribers. However, for harnessing the true power and getting the most of social media, you must have a great understanding of the audience’s behavior and even their reading preferences in depth. …